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Wireless remote switches offer ON/OFF, dimming and countdown options for smarter lighting control perfect in apartments and rental homes.
Remote Controls
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ON/OFF, dimmable and countdown wireless remote switches are the perfect solution for smart lighting control in apartments, rentals, older homes and more.

When you open your door, the sensor signals your light to automatically turn on – simply choose to have your light turn off when the door is closed or 10 minutes after turning on.

Automate your lights to be controlled by any door to avoid entering a dark room again.
Door-Activated Controls
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Trigger lights by simply walking into a room with motion-activated sensors.
Motion-Activated Controls
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A convenient lighting solution to any household, the motion-activated sensor signals your light to automatically turn on when movement is detected and off 10 minutes after motion stops.

To help reduce energy costs, light sensors with dusk-to-dawn technology automatically turn on lights when it’s dark and off when light returns.

When the sun goes down, automate your lights to stay out of the dark.
Light-Sensing Controls
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